CS Graduate’s book on Founding Startups available in Amazon

A book on founding startup companies, written by Computer Engineering Graduate Ilker Koksal (CS’2013) is now available in Amazon.com.  Entitled as “Founder’s FAQ”, the book has also made into the bestseller list in Venture Capital category.

“Founder’s FAQ is an authentic guide for founders by revealing what works and what doesn’t in the predictable journey of the startup. It covers the answers to all the possible questions of a founder in a startup journey–whether revealing lifesaving principles for the startup’s survival path, building A+ teams, creating an evolving machine, setting up a neat culture, or interpreting the true path for the fundraising. ” [Amazon Booksite]




İlker Köksal is a serial entrepreneur who has founded two startups, one of which is acquired. In 2018, he was named among Forbes 30 Under 30 for being an innovator in the world of enterprise technology. He is on a mission to enlighten founders to innovate for the sake of the world. In the light of this mission, he works as an investor and advisor in startups. He studied Geopolitics and Global Business at Yale School of Management, has a BS degree in Computer Science at Bilkent University.