CS Fair 2021 took place on May 7, 2021 over Zoom platform.

    CSFair 2021, Senior Project Fair of Computer Engineering Department, took place on May 7, 2021, between 12:30-5:00pm.

    Due to covid pandemic, CSFair was not a physical event; instead, we organized a virtual CSFair using the Zoom system.

    CSFair included senior design project demos and presentations, short talks, project and personal award ceremonies, and a lot of fun. Our students and faculty, company representatives, and student families attended the event. We  hosted our guests in Zoom system.

    32 Projects participated. Each project had its own zoom meeting room for interactive demos, presentations and discussions. Awards were given to the  projects in 8 categories. The awards were sponsored by companies. Additionally, awards were given to outstanding teaching assistants.

    Since 2012, innovation is key in senior projects  of CS Department.  Students come up with Project ideas themselves and also get feedback from innovation experts working at different companies.

    The following projects (teams) won awards this year:

    Sibel Özelçi Best Senior Design Project Award: OverSeer. A navigation application for visually impaired people.

    Innovation Award: Outletter. It is cross-platform mobile application that acts as a perfect shopping companion and helps users in making informed choices about the products they are trying to buy.

    Data Science Award: VERITAS. A platform that can do fact checking on video speeches using deep learning techniques.

    Wide Impact Award: Here! A video conference platform for educational needs of students and instructors, that includes features such as virtual TA, video analysis, real-time feedback.

    Social Impact Award: WoGuard. A mobile application to increase the safety of women while at home or traveling. It includes emergency buttons to inform registered contacts.

    User Experience Award: Willow. A browser software that aids in browsing and keeping track of web  pages using  graph-based visual navigation features.

    Mobile Award: Gymtor. An AI-based fitness assistant application that uses computer vision algorithms to improve the quality of the exercises done by the users.

    Marketability Award: Menüfacture. A restaurant management software that is compatible across mobile and web platforms, providing small restaurant owners with a business management toolbox to automate restaurant operations with the minimum customer contact possible.

    More information about  CSFair 2021 and projects can be found at: http://www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr/~csfair/csfair2021/doku.php/home